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Seva Spirulina's Fresh Powder: The Ultimate Green Superfood

SEVA Spirulina Powder

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Seva Spirulina Powder: great to mix in with your favorite smoothies, meals, juices or even just a glass of water!

    16 oz container filled with 217g of Seva Spirulina Powder. Contains 31 servings as well as 1 tablespoon for easy measurement.

    1 tablespoon = 1 serving.

    Spirulina offers a variety of health benefits:

    • Contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals, Omega 3s, amino acids and more!
    • Full of antioxidants which support a healthy immune system! Energizing properties for that much needed energy boost!
    • Packed with proteins which is beneficial for weight management.

    Spirulina has been backed by NASA, athletes and more!

    Get it while supplies last! Seva Spirulina is FLYING off the shelves!


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