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Powder Spirulina

Containing the highest level of proteins, packed with Omega 3s, Micro-nutrients and Minerals, containing powerful antioxidants, Seva Spirulina's Powder is the ultimate green superfood! Check out below how Seva Spirulina is beneficial for your furry friends as well!

Seva Spirulina Powder

Why mix multiple containers of powders, consume horse sized pills and more just to get nutrients you need? Seva Spirulina is rich in nutrients including proteins, vitamins, minerals and more! It has been studied to have several health benefits as well; such as lowers cholesterol, improves oxygen intake, improves allergies, supports blood sugar and much more!

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Canine Boost

At Seva Spirulina, we put your pup's health as one of our top priorities. Being dog owners ourselves, we strive to bring the best product to support your canine's overall health. Packed with naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, Canine Boost by Seva Spirulina is the best for your pet!

Equine Boost

Whether it is competitive racing or just out for strolls, Equine Boost is the must have product for your horse! Known as a complete protein, Spirulina offers a variety of health benefits such as maintaining their immune system, support to reduce their allergy response and improves overall exercise performance.

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